• About Us

    Founded (as Fabricushion Ltd.) in 1956 as a subsidiary of The Stewart Group Ltd., Foam Solutions Inc. manufactures and markets
  • Values

    Foam Solutions prides itself on offering quality goods supported with top tier customer service. From product design to order turnaround...
  • Technology

    Latex is a material created through aqueous dispersion of polymeric matrices which - via mechanical processes - turns into foam...

Research & Development

At Foam Solutions, we recognize and reinforce that R&D is central to our long-term success. Our technicians are continuously challenged to develop innovative solutions based on scientific research, in situ trials, and ongoing new material sourcing.

Product Design

Foam Solutions works with partners to offer custom design solutions, in order to ensure that our partners have offerings unique to their specific requirements.

Local Support, Global Supply

Our corporate structure is set up such that we service our business partners in a timely and localized manner, while offering access to global knowledge, production and technologies, thus offering flexibility and adaptability, based on each partner’s unique requirements.