About Us

  • Founded (as Fabricushion Ltd.) in 1954 as a subsidiary of The Stewart Group Ltd., Foam Solutions Inc. manufactures and markets technical foams for a wide range of applications. Foam Solutions combines family business values and a forward thinking market focus to create a highly efficient organization.

  • Recently, Foam Solutions joined forces with The Zahonero Group, a company with similar visions and philosophies and complementary strengths. The Zahonero Group offers Foam Solutions access to unprecedented manufacturing innovation, across the globe.

  • Dynamic technology transformation and product redefinition have allowed Foam Solutions to successfully diversify into new product lines and new industries. This would not be possible without a significant Research & Development effort. The R&D department generates ideas that become innovative and competitive products; new solutions.
  • Quality, Service, and Experience, are the main pillars of our business. Foam Solutions and Zahonero operate to highly demanding standards, to develop products that satisfy the world’s needs - a world with changing and diverging habits and trends.

  • We are a responsible member of our local and global community and employ sound environmental practices in all of our activities, based on strict Corporate Social Responsibility mandates.

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