The Group is aware of the importance of ethics, transparency and honesty to achieve long term goals. Innovation and customized service will be the guidelines for future decision-making. Company value creation relies in three lines of work:


  • The Zahonero Group is concerned with new technological challenges. The ability and the promptness to face them is essential in order to remain competitive in the future. Main technology challenges include combining biotechnology advances with traditional solutions and more efficient and versatile technological development.


  • The Zahonero Group faces the coming years with a solid and profitable expansion project. This project is based on a sustainable growth strategy, its management capabilities and its financial and technological power. These reasons enable the Group to face and overcome difficulties in this changing economical climate. This project allows the Zahonero Group to increase and consolidate its presence in new markets.


  • The Zahonero Group firmly holds its commitment with the environment. The group believes production waste material recycling is no longer an option but a requirement.
    On the other hand, great efforts are put on more efficient processes development. Improvements that result in less energy consumption and lower emissions.