Latex is a material created through aqueous dispersion of polymeric matrices, generally SBR and polyisoprene, which - via mechanical processes - turns into open celled foam. This key feature results in a highly breathable foam. Years of experience with latex allows us to develop vast formulations based on desired properties and application details. The main advantages against alternative materials are its breathability, biodegradation, major comfort and agreeable texture.

This latex foam includes gel and is used to quilt footwear and in high quality orthopedics. Its main advantages, in addition to comfort, are breathability, biodegradation and strong compression strength.

This SBR/NL latex is used to produce sports and orthopedic bandages and protections (bands, elbow pads, wrist guards) and sports gloves. The main advantages against neoprene and other similar products, are breathability, elasticity and biodegradation.

These polymeric foams with great adhesion and absorbent capacities, both of impact and humidity, are used to produce sports articles (i.e. goalkeeper gloves). The main advantages against other technical foams are great adhesion and absorbent capacities and excellent impact absorption.

This high density polymeric foam is used in manufacturing of insulation and sound absorbing materials for the construction industry. The main advantages against alternative materials are its excellent acoustic performance and superior thermal properties. It maintains its properties throughout the product lifetime thanks to its durability and compression strength. Being a biodegradable and recyclable product makes it one of the market most sustainable alternatives on the market.

The applications of polymers with high adhesion strength are used in manufacturing of sports articles (balls, sports gloves, racket handles, …), orthopedics, and non-slip mats. The main advantages against alternative treatments are its adhesion and absorbent capacities, breathability and environment respect.

This combination of foams and of adhesive latex applications are used for the production of non-slip yoga mats. The main advantages against alternative materials are its perfect non-slip capacity, both dry and wet, sustainable manufacturing process and materials, lightweight, durability, and the absence of offensive odour.