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  • 2014

    Zahonero China - Dongguan Dayao Industry Co. Ltd.
    Manufacturing plant of shoes soles in Hengli Town, Dongguan
  • 2013

    Zahonero Indonesia Construction of PT Zahonero Indonesia
  • 2012

    Zahonero Argentina (Tecnoespuma & Moldingtex) Joint Venture with argentine Delpa, S.A. and Fernando López
  • 2011

    Foam Solutions USA Joint Venture with Canadian group Steward in Charlotte SC (USA)
  • 2010

    Zahoprene Production of high breathability foam laminated textiles
  • 2009

    Mexican Trends and Fabrics Establishment of the company Mexican Trends & Fabrics S.L. in Leon (Mexico)
    Grip Solutions Production of high grip surfaces
  • 2007

    Brazilian Trends and Fabrics Establishment of the company Brazilian Trends & Fabrics S.L. en Sao Leopoldo (Brazil)
    Puring PU insoles Production of Puring PU insoles
  • 2006

    Latex Solutions España
    Latex Solutions España Establishment of the company Latex Solutions España in Elda (Spain)
    Latex Gel Foam for Mattresses Production of Continuous Latex Gel Foam for Mattresses
  • 2005

    Zahonero India Incorporation of India PVT Zahonero Noida UP (India)
    India Production Unit Establishment of the company Zahonero India PVT in Noida UP (India)
  • 2004

    dBCover Solutions Establishment of the company dBCover Solutions S.L. in Elda (Spain)
    dBCover Solutions Production of Insulation material for construction
  • 2001

    R&D Laboratory R&D Laboratory established in Elda (Spain)
  • 2000

    Zahonero España New Headquarters in Elda (Spain)
  • 1999

    Zahonero Brasil 100% Acquisition of Espumasinos en Sao Leopoldo (Brasil)
  • 1998

    Zahonero China Establishment of the company Zahonero Shoe Components Co. Ltd. In Guangzhou (China)
    Production Unit in China Factory established in Guangzhou (China)
  • 1995

    Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber Production of hydrogenated nitrile rubber
  • 1994

    Zahonero Virgili (Hoding) Establishment of the Holding Zahonero Virgili S.L. in Elda (Spain)
  • 1993

    Zahonero Italy Establishment of the company Zahonero SRL in Milano (Italy)
    Trade Office in Italy Establishment of the Trade Office in Legano (Italy)
  • 1990

    Aquitex S.A. (México) Establishment of the company Aquitex in San Francisco del Rincón (Mexico)
    Thermoplastic Rubber Production of Thermoplastic rubber
    Production Unit in Mexico Factory established in San Francisco del Rincón (Mexico)
  • 1986

    Zahonero Portugal Establishment of the company Sociedad Artigos para Calzado Limitada in San Joao de Madeira (Portugal)
    Portugal Warehouse Warehouse established in San Joao de Madeira (Portugal)
  • 1983

    PU Flexible foam Production of flexible PU foam blocks
  • 1982

    Zahonero Mexico Establishment of the company Zahonero S.A. in León Guanajuato (Mexico)
    Production Unit in Mexico Factory established in León Guanajuato (Mexico)
  • 1981

    Espumasinos Ltda. Joint Venture with Brazilian group Quimisinos S.A. in Sao Leopoldo (Brazil)
    Production Unit in Brazil Factory established in Sao Leopoldo RS (Brazil)
  • 1979

    Textile Printing Production of printed textile
    Zahonero España Acquisition of Aquitex S.A.
  • 1978

    Tissue Foamizados Manufacture of laminated fabric with PU foam
    Zahonero España Acquisition of 100% Latex Elda S.A
  • 1976

    Latex Non-Gel Foam Production of latex non-gel foam sheets
  • 1974

    Textile Foamings Production of PU textile sheets.
  • 1969

    Latex Gel Foam Production of latex foam sheets
  • 1968

    Zahonero S.L. First company established by the Zahonero Family
    Flat Insoles Cutting and packaging of latex foam insoles
    Production Unit in Spain Factory established in Elda (Spain)


    Foam Solutions provides a variety of value add services beyond foam manufacturing, including:

  • Perforating

  • Die Cutting

  • Custom Molding

  • Silk Screen Printing

  • Laminating

  • Custom Formulations
  • We work with our customers to design a product and program to fit their needs.


    Quality & Service

  • Foam Solutions prides itself on offering quality goods supported with top tier customer service. From product design to order turnaround and shipping solutions; Foam Solutions is committed to excellence in delivery on all fronts.

  • Commitment

  • Foam Solutions respects its commitment to the environment by minimizing solid waste and emissions. Foam Solutions has developed programs to diligently select our raw materials, improve our processes and recycle waste.


  • Each customer is unique and Foam Solutions pushes itself to offer custom solution to suit each and every need. Foam Solutions focuses on developing new products and improving manufacturing processes in order to quickly satisfy clients and meet market requirements.

  • Innovation

  • The dynamism of today’s market makes innovation imperative for Foam Solutions. With support from the Zahonero Group, Foam Solutions is always looking for new ideas and innovations in order to take their customer’s business to the next level.

About Us

  • Founded (as Fabricushion Ltd.) in 1954 as a subsidiary of The Stewart Group Ltd., Foam Solutions Inc. manufactures and markets technical foams for a wide range of applications. Foam Solutions combines family business values and a forward thinking market focus to create a highly efficient organization.

  • Recently, Foam Solutions joined forces with The Zahonero Group, a company with similar visions and philosophies and complementary strengths. The Zahonero Group offers Foam Solutions access to unprecedented manufacturing innovation, across the globe.

  • Dynamic technology transformation and product redefinition have allowed Foam Solutions to successfully diversify into new product lines and new industries. This would not be possible without a significant Research & Development effort. The R&D department generates ideas that become innovative and competitive products; new solutions.
  • Quality, Service, and Experience, are the main pillars of our business. Foam Solutions and Zahonero operate to highly demanding standards, to develop products that satisfy the world’s needs - a world with changing and diverging habits and trends.

  • We are a responsible member of our local and global community and employ sound environmental practices in all of our activities, based on strict Corporate Social Responsibility mandates.

                                                                             a proud member of...